Extend real time fleet visibility to consignors,
provide better service

Transporters/Logistics Service Providers

Rising fuel prices have resulted in shrinking margins for the transportation sector. Driver monitoring, route selection and fuel consumption, reducing idle time and increasing vehicle utilisation have become paramount. Trimble on-board hardware bundled with the online Fleet Management Solution (FMS) provides real time visibility and analytics that enable transporters to monitor and control their fleet, irrespective of fleet size. FMS leverages the power of Trimble GPS technology to offer a cloud based system suitable for all types of transportation businesses; long haul, short haul, last mile, Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load load (LTL) trucking.

  • Monitor driver performance
  • Improve safety
  • Improved fleet visibility enables bundling and optimisation of part loads
  • Increase asset productivity
  • Provide shipper with fleet and cargo visibility

The Indian transportation market is characterised by a large number of single vehicle and small fleet owners. Differentiation and shipper loyalty is an on-going and often cut throat challenge. While the market is flooded with numerous GPS hardware options, customers are focused on tracking solutions that not only provide vehicle location but integrate with their software systems to improve scheduling, load planning and cargo safety. Trimble’s Visual Cargo solution allows transporters to share fleet visibility, driving data and ETA with the customer, and seamlessly integrates into customers’ existing ERP systems. Trimble’s international brand, combined with extensive on ground coverage helps transporters attract and retain customers with the guarantee of assured tracking and end to end solutions.