Solutions for consignors, shippers, distributors,
with customized, industry-specific features


ERP systems provide supply chain visibility while goods are at the manufacturing plant, warehouse or retail distribution channel. But they lose sight, and control, when goods are in transit between these locations.

Visual Cargo, a specialized enterprise cargo tracking solution, can be used independently or seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems, to provide visibility and improve control while goods are in transit. Visual Cargo leverages internationally renowned Trimble GPS technology and combines it with locally manufactured, resilient hardware and Fleet Management Solution (FMS)Trako software to provide a cloud hosted system that enables you to view and track your cargo; any shipment, any time and any where.

  • Cargo visibility and consignment tracking– outbound, distribution and inbound
  • Inbound ETA (Expected Time of Arrival)
  • Driver safety and Cargo safety
  • Geo-fencing
  • Fleet visibility for outbound logisitcs
  • Dynamic routing for maximum flexibility
  • Comprehensive MIS to support evaluation and optimization of carrier performance


High value consignments and the need for real time availability/stock position drive the need for a consignment tracking system that is integrated with existing IT systems. TMSI provides real time tracking and allows dealers to keep track of the cars dispatched to them and make informed commitments to their customers.


The sector is characterized by deliveries to multiple dealers in far flung areas. Fleet visibility enhances scheduling and improves vehicle utilization. Geo-coding delivery locations enables route optimization and automated delivery confirmation. The store and forward message design enables TAP (Trimble’s Automotive Platform) to operate in areas with poor network coverage.


Real time visibility and dynamic routing are key transportation requirements for this sector. Trimble hardware and software integrate to provide clients with real time tracking capability, with dynamic routing, Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) and fuel efficiency. Fleet visibility increases flexibility to assign vehicle load.


Cement plants are often situated at remote locations. Fleet visibility helps manage vehicle availability at these remote locations. The rugged GPS with a store and forward message design increases the accuracy of ETA and helps clients minimize Turn Around Time (TAT).

Cold Chain (Reefer Trucks)

Indian conditions warrant refrigerated transport not only for frozen food, but also for off-the-shelf commodities like chocolates. TMSI’s in-vehicle temperature monitoring accessories are fully integrated with tracking software to monitor and regulate temperature and send alerts in order to avoid spoilage and maintain the quality of goods.


Real time visibility of deliveries, integrated with online ordering and delivery systems, considerably enhance the efficiency of transportation in these sectors. Trimble’s Automotive Platform (TAP) is supported by Visual Cargo software that seamlessly integrates with client systems to extend visibility/availability to the customer/retailer.

Hazardous Material

Driver and cargo safety are of paramount importance while transporting hazardous material. TMSI’s Driver Safety Solution tool records real time driving patterns, unsafe driving events and geographical driving intelligence. Continuous monitoring and geo-fenced unloading/delivery, increase the safety factor for transport and delivery.


Mines are often situated at remote locations and saddled with governmental procedures and restrictions. GPS based fleet visibility, combined with geo-fencing, helps manage vehicle availability and reduce loading time. Continuous monitoring and system alerts discourage unauthorized stoppage or route diversion.

Oil, Gas and Petro Chemical

Adulteration is a serious concern while transporting petro chemical products. Fuel sensors, linked to TAP GPS hardware, monitor and record any attempt at fuel tampering or theft. Trimble’s Automotive Platform (TAP) has a tamper-resistant casing with internal battery, GSM and GPS antenna, supported by a server-based tampering detection mechanism.

Passenger vehicles

Employee safety is a major concern and responsibility for employer-sponsored transportation. From school children to employees and forest guards, TMSI monitors passenger vehicle visibility and safety in urban and remote locations, with special emphasis on route tracking, ETA and passenger safety.

Truck OEM

In India, several heavy vehicle manufacturers have recognized the benefit of pre-installed GPS hardware. Trimble is a globally trusted name in GPS hardware and technology. Pre-installing TAP (Trimble’s Automotive Platform) GPS hardware increases the vehicle’s value and usability for both transporters and shippers.