Maintain control over your fleet
Offer shippers real time cargo visibility

Fleet Management Solution

FMS leverages the power of Trimble GPS technology and wireless communication to provide fleet managers and vehicle owners with a cloud based system for real time tracking and monitoring of vehicles.

Real time visibility of vehicles enables fleet owners to maintain operating control over vehicle movement and vehicle utilization. In addition it allows transporters to offer transparent, reliable and efficient service to their customers. Trimble’s international brand, combined with extensive local presence, helps transporters attract and retain customers with the guarantee of assured tracking and end to end solutions.

The solution is designed in a modular format to offer flexibility of tracking, controlling and analyzing fleet performance with MIS reports and exception alerts. It provides differential viewing and access control depending on the user profile, such as fleet manager, controller or shipper.

FMS provides a consolidated map view, with the option to show all vehicles in the fleet, whether stationary or en route. The solution includes a feature to geo-code locations; pick up or delivery points, fueling stations, etc. Geo-coded locations are user-specific landmarks that enable notifications including Expected Time of Arrival (ETA), Turn Around Time (TAT), delivery status, route adherence and so on.

  • Real time visibility and Exception Reporting
  • Improve Safety by monitoring driving and ensuring route adherence
  • Driver Performance Analysis MIS reports on trip time, speeding, rash driving, etc
  • Increase Productivity by reducing TAT, bundling and optimization of part loads and avoiding route deviation and unscheduled stops
  • Reduce Cost by monitoring fuel consumption and by monitoring driving behavior to reduce vehicle maintenance cost and accident claims