Accessories for specialized monitoring and compliance,
to improve logistics and manage costs


On-board Accessories are a range of optional, value added accessories which seamlessly integrate with Trimble GPS devices and software. These accessories are used to provide specialized monitoring, comply with regulations or improve logistics and manage costs.

Accessories provided by Trimble are fully customizable based on parameters, such as, trip time, temperature, geo-fence, loading/unloading locations etc., set by the customer. Data generated is integrated with Visual Cargo and/or Fleet Management Solution to show live and historic monitoring, as well as to provide in-vehicle, SMS or email alerts.

The temperature sensing kit is used to monitor and regulate temperature of the vehicle, this is used by cold chain industry as well as transporters. RFID, panic button and biometric sensors are widely used in transport of high value cargo and hazardous material as well as passenger transport. Fuel sensors is quite useful to monitor fuel consumption and protect against fuel tampering/theft.

TMSI is a leader in the Indian market, with the maximum number of fuel sensors deployed.

Accessories for use with Trimble GPS devices and software:

  • Fuel sensor
  • Panic Button
  • Temperature Sensing Kit
  • Vehicle Immobilizer
  • Biometric sensor
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Voice Box / Beep box
  • Door-Open Alarm
  • Camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR)