“Make in India” to minimize cost

In-vehicle Hardware

Trimble’s Automotive Platform (TAP) is a rugged GPS and asset tracking telematics platform, suitable for all types of vehicles.

With TAP, Trimble’s internationally proven technology is tailored to Indian conditions, for dependability and performance even in locations with poor wireless/network coverage. Its hardy construction and tamper-resistant design ensure reliability through variable environment conditions, including water, dust, heat and vibration.

TAP is certified by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and compliant with AIS140 standards. The in-vehicle hardware is equipped with a secure and versatile wireless communication interface that supports integration and interoperability with all transportation and logistics fleet management, supply chain and mobile asset management systems.

TAP hardware combines the best of both worlds; internationally proven technology and expertise, with a product customized and built to excel in local conditions. TAP is available in multiple models, allowing customers to choose the model whose features best match their requirements.

  • Anti-tampering- IP67 box with tampering detection mechanism
  • Operate in poor wireless/network coverage areas- store and forward message design
  • Quick and accurate positioning
  • Management and control- quad-band GPRS with SMS
  • Vehicle recovery in case of theft- internal battery, internal GSM & GPS antennas
  • Monitor driver behavior- in-built alerts with customizable parameters
  • Record data- with serial port to seamless interface; fuel/temperature sensor, RFID etc.
  • CAN and OBD enabled