Maximize the utility of FMS and VC
with customizable Value Added Apps

Driver Safety Solution

Driver Safety Solution (DSS) is a powerful exception management and analytics tool that empowers fleet managers and consignors to monitor real time driving patterns, unsafe driving events and geographical driving intelligence, captured by Trimble’s on-board GPS device. DSS increases the safety of the driver, vehicle and cargo, which in turn protects the company’s safety image and reduces insurance premiums.

Customers can select parameters and limits to set alerts for:

  • Over speeding
  • Sudden Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Maneuvering
  • Stretch Driving
  • Night Driving

Use DSS module with Fleet Management Solution or Visual Cargo to:

  • Monitor driving and ensure safety
  • Analyze Driver Performance to evaluate drivers and enforce safety protocol
  • Lower Accident Claims by providing documentation for accident incidents, disproving invalid claims, and reducing insurance premium
  • Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Costs by improving driving and reducing wear and tear and the chance of mechanical damage

Sense and Respond

TMSI’s sense and respond system enables customers to view vehicle parameters and associated events in real time. The system combines digital and analog sensing technologies with location intelligence in order to provide real time visibility of driver/vehicle performance and send alerts to caution the driver/manager and enhance safety.

The sense and respond system includes:

  • Alarm/SOS button- emergency notifications to stake holders
  • Door sensor- notification if door is opened in a restricted area or non-delivery location
  • GSM coverage strength- monitor and display the available GSM signal strength, user is aware of cellular network conditions for every vehicle/consignment
  • Ignition status- notification in restricted areas or while parked to ensure vehicle/cargo safety
  • Temperature monitoring- accurate temperature readings of refrigerated compartments and alerts in case of variance to ensure the safe and quality delivery of perishable goods
  • Vehicle battery power- alerts in case of high or low voltage conditions, to help the customer take preventive action and avoid breakdowns and high maintenance costs

Scheduled Mailer

Trimble has decades of global expertise in setting standards and reporting on compliance for the transport and logistics industry. Scheduled mailers enable customers to benefit from applying these standards to their own fleet/cargo data, and receive reports and analysis at predefined intervals directly via e-mail.

TMSI also offers customized reports to match customers’ preferred data format or measure statistics for specific industry requirements.

Standard reports include:

  • Fleet location update
  • Day wise distance
  • Day wise stoppage
  • Exception report
  • Safety compliance
  • Daily fleet operation summary

Email and SMS alert

TMSI’s auto alert service engine continuously monitors vehicle movement against parameters set by customers to generate instant alerts through email or SMS. Thus customers who are not continuously monitoring their fleet/cargo are able to control and manage by exception. Customers can configure parameters, time zones and recipients around the globe as well as opt for preloaded SMS packages.

Standard alerts include:

  • Entry/Exit of geo-fence/geo-area
  • Sensor input: air conditioning on/off, door open/close, safety belt on/off
  • Over speeding
  • Over speeding inside a geographical area
  • Device tampering, including disconnection of power
  • Extended stoppage or detention
  • Business events such as dispatch, delivery, off route, delay, detention at loading/unloading location, arrival intimation
  • Stretch driving
  • Harsh driving events such as acceleration, deceleration and harsh maneuvers