Real time visibility of consignment in transit
Increase safety and efficiency

Visual Cargo

While the market is flooded with numerous GPS hardware options, customers are focused on tracking solutions that not only provide vehicle location but integrate with their software systems to improve scheduling, load planning and cargo safety.

Visual Cargo (VC) is a patented, cloud-based, consignment management solution developed to work with Trimble GPS hardware and provide shippers with complete visibility of their consignment in transit. The VC tracking solution seamlessly integrates vehicle location data received via GPS with consignment data from the consignor’s ERP/SAP system.

The system provides a common view, with multilevel role based access, to all stake holders of the logistics chain; shippers, transporters and consignees. It displays real time positioning alongside the planned/assigned route and monitors vehicle movement to generate event alerts and MIS Reports.

GPS data, geo-coded locations and Google Maps enabled traffic data is combined to provide the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA). The Vehicle Availability dashboard provides real time information of vehicles arriving in the vicinity and helps with load planning. VC’s unique Trip Performance Measurement tool calculates carrier and driver performance ratings. This helps enterprises analyze their own logistics network and select and reward logistics providers based on trip and fleet performance.

  • Vehicle/Consignment Visibility with real time tracking
  • Timely Delivery with software enabled route optimization, ETA and geo-coded delivery notifications
  • Improved Vehicle Utilization through better load planning
  • Plant/Depot Efficiency by reducing loading/ unloading time as Vehicle Availability and ETA is known
  • Adherence to Safety Norms with alerts in case of route diversion, unauthorized stoppages or over speeding
  • Performance Monitoring using MIS data to analyze driver performance, trip performance, route selection, Turn Around Time (TAT), etc.