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Customer Training

Customer training uses role based methodology to explain practical, real-world processes and problems that customers will encounter on a regular basis. Training is categorized depending upon a variety of roles; drivers, dispatchers, fleet managers, supervisors, safety managers, maintenance managers, IT managers, administrators and senior executives.

Training is backed by technical documentation to explain the key processes and tasks supported by Trimble hardware and software. Documents include user manuals, application best practices guides, implementation best practices guides and FAQs.

Customers can choose from a variety of training formats:
WebEx Training is a series of 60-minute online training course that equips the customer with basic knowledge and skills about various topics. This training combines file and presentation sharing with voice and video.
Customized Training is provided either online or on-site, for organizations that want to train their employees according to their specific business processes.
Train-the-Trainer programs create a master trainer or set of master trainers from within the customer’s internal team. These master trainers then train others on how to use Trimble hardware and software within the framework of their firm’s policies and procedures.

Customer training programs are designed to:

  • Understand and utilize capabilities of Trimble hardware and software
  • Manage service levels and delivery time frames
  • Optimize resources in order to reduce operational costs
  • Improve logistics performance