Outsource consignment tracking
to improve logistics performance

Managed Services

Outsource consignment tracking service to TMSI’s Managed Services Team and let experts drive improvements in logistics service and reliability.

Managed services are a group of TMSI employees trained and experienced in using Trimble products and software to help clients achieve their logistics goals. The TMSI team works in tandem with the client’s logistics team to maximize the utility of TMSI’s telematics technology and improve logistics performance.

Each client has an exclusive managed services team, based either at TMSI headquarters or at the client location. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined by the customer and are tracked and reported by the managed services team, as per the periodicity selected by the client. Along with live tracking and monitoring, the team coordinates with transporters, vendors and consignees to close the logistics loop, while continuously keeping the client informed.

Exceptions such as vehicle delays, route diversion, consignment invoiced but pending exit, dealer detention, etc. are reported to the client and followed up with the transporter or concerned party. The managed services team analyzes comparative performance of drivers and transporters, and supports the client with information to select the best service provider.

Support by managed services:

  • Load planning
  • Real time monitoring to ensure safety of the driver, vehicle and consignment
  • Recording trip time, en route stoppage, delivery, Turn Around Time (TAT), etc.
  • Reporting exceptions
  • Analyzing comparative performance, route analysis and optimization
  • Improving performance by raising service levels and increasing operational productivity, while optimizing costs