Seamless integration with existing ERP systems

Technical Integration

The power of TMSI solutions lies in the ability to provide customers with tracking solutions that not only provide vehicle location, but also integrate with their software systems to improve scheduling, load planning and cargo safety.

ERP / TMS / Web Integration

TMSI’s easy-to-use application process interface (API), assists shippers to seamlessly push dispatch data from their ERP/TMS systems to Trimble’s Visual Cargo (VC) application. Thereafter VC displays trip based tracking, adherence to transit schedule, route, delivery and safety compliance.

Services include reverse integration, where VC pushes business related events back to ERP/TMS systems or creates SMS and email alerts. Business related events include delivery notifications, delay alerts, stoppage events, SOS triggers, Turn Around Time (TAT), safety non-compliance and vehicle availability status.

  • Eliminate multiple data entry
  • Increased security and transparency through automated data transfer
  • Integrated view of cargo and fleet visibility
  • Efficiency and accuracy in updating delivery status
  • Generate cargo-in-transit MIS reports within the existing system
  • Guaranteed service level with online monitoring of exchange performance


Trimble provides geo-coding of business location as a technical support service to help customers to geo-code data of locations like manufacturing plants, warehouses, consignees, strategic stops, etc. Entering the geographic coordinates of such locations helps track the movement of vehicles with reference to these locations. This in turn enables the system to generate MIS reports on delivery/distribution compliance, route adherence and vehicle availability.

TMSI’s advanced software tools use geo-coded business locations to create optimum routes to minimize distance while managing multiple deliveries.

  • Geo-coded locations for easy identification/visibility of vehicles with respect to strategic locations
  • Optimized routes and optimum route sequencing for multi-point deliveries
  • Alerts in case of unauthorized entry/exit of vehicle or route diversion
  • Quality assurance and field validation for location information