Fleet Management involves a system of handling multiple vehicles and aspects related to their maintenance and usage. Trimble is the one stop solution to overcome all fleet management barriers and maximize productivity for fleet owners.

Fleet Management

Here are 5 primary obstacles faced by Fleet owners and transporters and how Trimble helps in overcoming these obstacles.

1. Obstacle- No real-time visibility of vehicles

The most common obstacle faced by fleet owners is that they have visibility of their vehicles (as promised) but that visibility is not in real time (as required). Hence, the information isn’t of much importance and fails to match the requirements of the fleet owners who wish to track their vehicles in real time.

Solution– GPS tracking and Fleet Management Solutions at Trimble

At Trimble, Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) provides real-time visibility, information as well as exception reporting of vehicles. As a result of these, GPS tracking of the fleet and it’s whereabouts become an accurate, easy and convenient task. Sit back and track effortlessly with Trimble.

2. Obstacle- Safety at Risk

Safety of the vehicle and driver is one of the topmost essentials in fleet management. Safety of both driver and the vehicle is put to risk when there is no proper usage of the vehicle by the driver or when the vehicle is not in its best condition for usage, leading to higher probabilities of risky consequences.

Solution– Journey Risk Management at Trimble

GPS leveraged Journey Risk Management at Trimble ensures a safe journey by assistance and risk management system for disciplined and safe driving. The risks involved n the journey are assessed, monitoring of driving is done effectively and route adherence is ensured, thus leading to increased safety and decreased risks.

3. Obstacle- Rash driving by the driver

The driving mannerisms of the driver have a significant impact on the well-being of the vehicle, safety and the overall journey as well. Rash driving by the driver is an obstacle that bothers most fleet owners as the harsh application of brakes, over speeding and other acts of harsh usage of vehicle lead to losses that are troublesome to repair.

Solution– Driver Performance Analysis at Trimble

Management Information System (MIS) reports by Trimble on trip timings, vehicle speeding, rash driving by the driver and other related factors ensure that the fleet owner is in the loop of all the activities of the vehicle, usual or unusual. By virtue of this, fleet owners can have control over their drivers’ behaviors, thus ensuring adherence with safety norms and safety of the fleet.

4. Obstacle- Lack of productivity and unachieved optimum usage

The core cause of less productivity derived from vehicles is too much time, effort and excess resources spent on the maintenance and not on optimum usage. Deviated routes and unscheduled stops lead to increased turnaround time and decreased productivity.

Solution– GPS navigation, optimized route, and vehicle maintenance status alerts with Trimble

Customize and optimize the route and stops of your vehicle and ensure accurate timings of departure and arrival. Know the maintenance requirements of your fleet and keep it in its best condition, thereby saving maintenance time and putting it to use for more productive jobs.

5. Obstacle- Unnecessary costs incurred on fuel, maintenance, and other unimportant aspects

Fuel theft, unobserved excess usage of fuel and in other related scenarios, fleet owners have to bear huge costs and losses. Besides, the unkempt condition of vehicles leads to unnecessary expenditures, the sums of which would otherwise be a part of some better, more productive plan.


Solution– Fuel consumption monitoring solutions and driving behavior monitoring solutions at Trimble


Trimble proved software solutions to monitor fuel consumption by your vehicle to check problems of fuel theft, excess usage due to wrong routes or unscheduled halts. Through this system, fleet owners can save huge amounts spent on fuel and put them to use in plans that are more fruitful. Besides, by monitoring the behavior ofthe driver, the consequential results are that the vehicle remains in good condition, thereby reducing the maintenance requirement and leading to savings.

Do these obstacles sound like your story?

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