To win the market, it’s important to be able to provide efficient and effective products and services, and this is valid across industries and geographies across the globe. Technology has a crucial role to play in this regard and in the context of the telematics industry, there a multitude of options available that provide services for the fleet management industry. The question is how to find the perfect match that best meets your requirements. The key is to find a telematics product/service that will help your business to generate visibility of the transit, optimize/reduce the costs and keep material safe and secure.

managed services

To elaborate further, some important points an organization must consider while looking out for a reliable telematics partner are:

  • The telematics product should be rugged enough to be used efficiently in trucks on India’s roads and its extreme climate.
  • The product must have the capacity to store data for at least a couple of days, in case of in-transit network issues.
  • The shipper must be able to see details of their delivery vehicle’s status on a single dashboard. It helps save time and optimize workforce allocation.
  • The dealers and transporters also should have a clear view of their fleet allocated across different routes, which will help them in managing the vehicles smoothly.
  • The application must have both, a phone and a desktop version so that the customer can check the status on the go.
  • The application must provide a complete analysis of the driving patterns too. It includes over speeding, rash driving, harsh breaks, harsh maneuvering, night driving, not enough stoppages on the way, too long halt at one stop, change of route without any intimation, and incorrect location information.
  • Receiving correct analysis is very important, as it helps in saving the operational cost and maintenance of vehicles, which in return helps in reduced insurance premium.
  • For further enhancements, one can also utilize information related to fuel sensor, a biometric sensor, voice box, seat belt sensor, camera in the vehicle, amongst others.


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