Logistics is one of the fastest growing industry segments across India. As of today, the logistics sector is dominated by transportation which has over 85 percent share in value terms, and its share is set to remain high for the next few years. The remaining 15 percent share is that of storage, with the sector employing around 22 million people. (as per a report by Business Standard*).

Since the world of transportation is on the roads most of the time, the driver’s safety becomes a primary concern.  The driver’s driving behavior can have a direct impact on reputation, performance, fleet operating cost and most importantly, upon the delivery of goods without damage. With fleets carrying heavy materials on the roads, and ‘JIT’ becoming the biggest selling point, the pressure of reaching the delivery point in time is a top priority. However, in the midst of timeliness, driver’s safety cannot be ignored. Moreover, since the material in transit is also the responsibility of the driver, it becomes even more crucial to take care of the fact that the driver’s driving patterns should be tracked and issues associated with it should be addressed soonest.

Drivers with aggressive driving, over speeding, harsh maneuvering usually are responsible for excessive fuel use, increased maintenance costs and higher accident rates.  By setting safety parameters and subsequently keeping a tap on driver’s behavior, an organization can identify those drivers who could be putting themselves and other road users at risk. Thereafter, offering training and advice to ensure adequate coaching to them to improve this behavior, will help resolve the issues and offer comfort to the drivers too.

The integration of technology with logistics workflow has made life easier, and now with the apps like fleet management system (FMS), it is possible to observe driver’s behavior in real time and make a training plan accordingly.

Trimble’s world-class VTS comprises of all key factors which are involved in driver’s safety, the voice alert facility will notify the driver and the organization in case of –

–    Harsh breaking
–    Harsh Acceleration
–    Overspeeding
–    Harsh maneuvering

Tracking the driver’s behavior on the desktop and even though the mobile app makes things much easier. Monitoring the key indicators will help a company ensure driver safety, avoid accidents, promote safe driving culture, save fuel, reduce the cost of maintenance, and ensure optimum utilization of the vehicle. The goods will reach safely, which in turn will lead to happy customer experience. By adhering to driving compliance an organization also retains the reputation amongst the transporters as well as customers.

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