Every industry has its specific requirements, and issues while they are planning and executing the logistics of their products; since the product safety is all dependent on how well the vehicle monitoring is done hence it is of utmost importance during transit.

With roads being the most used way for logistics in India, in the stretch of farthest East-West-North-South cities of India, there are many issues that the commercial automotive industry, OE’s face during transit. Usually, the problems are much more comprehensive and critical for the seller, to make sure the product, driver, and vehicle is reaching safe and in time.


Commercial Automotive

With the dealers placing their orders much in advance the planning takes place seamlessly, but at the same time, there are many issues that currently commercial automotive industry is facing. Many of them are listed below:

  • Problems with Vehicle Health Monitoring
  • No detection of failure
  • Inaccurate Data of driver’s behavior, fuel consumption
  • Product not rugged enough for Indian roads
  • Product not supporting extreme climate
  • Central Control missing which leads to excess time consumption in updating status
  • No visibility of transit to end customer/dealers
  • No proper driver’s training manuals
  • Application for the phone is too mundane and miss the latest concepts

Are you facing similar issues?

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